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Welcome to Bay City Swing...

For over 20 years Bay City Swing has created the exciting sounds of Big Band music in Northeastern Wisconsin. From the lush, sophisticated ballads of Frank Sinatra and Stan Kenton to the frenzied jitterbug swing and shuffle beat of Louis Prima and Benny Goodman, Bay City Swing does it all.

Whether performing for dances, concerts, receptions or shows, this orchestra will adapt the style and repertoire to please the crowd.

Founding band member Shawn Postell - "You know, when I started this group in the early '80's, we were all just a bunch of college kids that liked to play big band music and drink beer. Through the years, besides getting older, the band has evolved into a mature group of dedicated musicians, from a wide variety of backgrounds, who are excited to perform great arrangements at the highest level of musicianship, and still drink a beer or two."


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